Thursday, October 29, 2009

Boo Cupcakes

There's no real reason I'm calling these Boo Cupcakes other than they were made for a Halloween-themed event. The school carnival had an all-call for goodies for the Sweet Shoppe (I put the extra -pe on because it looks more carnival-y) and this was my contribution.

I was short on time so I used...gasp!...a mix. As usual I brushed the top with simple syrup to keep the cake moist. Cupcakes tend to be a bit drier than their big cake counterparts. If I'm going to use a mix I prefer to use Duncan Hines. The only time I use a store brand cake mix is when I'm making Tres Leches cake and I add so much moisture in the form of milk that having a dry store-brand cake is actually a bonus. But I digress.

I tried the Land'O Lakes frosting recipe for these cupcakes. I used butter-flavored shortening instead of real butter since that what I had on hand. I keep butter in the freezer, but I didn't have time to bring it down to room temperature. Also since this project was a matter of quantity and I didn't want butter sitting out during the carnival I chose to use the shortening. I let Rosita (my Kitchen Aid stand mixer) go about a minute more than the usual 5 minutes and it helped get the "gritty" right out of the frosting. We love Rosita!

I used Wilton gel color in "violet", but with the yellow coloring from the shortening the frosting turned out almost black. If I got this color for anything other than Halloween I think I would have been disappointed. Here I think the color combination screams "wicked".

I rather liked how the frosting on these cupcakes turned out. It was really easy to work with and it wasn't overly sweet, which buttercream can tend to be. The word at the Sweet Shoppe was that the cupcakes were fast movers so I'm happy.


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