Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kiss-mas Trees

Again, I don't recall where I got this idea (note to self: must remember to take notes in order to give credit where credit is due). I knew I wanted to make something for The Mister to put in his office at work. I had sent him with a candy dish in 2008, but I wanted to send him with something that didn't have to come home since said candy dish did not return until Halloween this year.

I started out with one of those Styrofoam cones found in the floral department. I got green because I thought tree equals green. When I started adding the Kisses I decided I didn't like that the foam was a light green and the Kisses were a metallic forest green. It offended my delicate sensibilities. So I grabbed some foil paper and covered the cone with tinsel cheer. The silver Kisses tend to blend, but I just ate those so that the tree was made up of mostly red and green.

You handle that how you see fit.

If one is nice, two is twice as nice, don't you think? Since the cat tore the tree to smithereens this year we're thinking about making a giant sized version of this next year.


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