Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Pedestals

I'm thrilled with my thrifty find this week. We were at Goodwill and I came across what I thought was a refrigerator for a truck or RV, but when I climbed over a few dressers and chairs with missing legs what I found made me squeal with delight!

Check out theses super-duper front load washer/dryer pedestals. They were almost brand new and had all the brackets and even a sample of tide in the washer drawer. And the best part? They were only $24.99 each.

At the time we bought our washer and dryer last year we just needed the basics. The stands were not in the budget. Since we were doing a 12-month no interest deal we needed to make sure that our monthly payment was reasonable enough to avoid going over that time and getting charged for back dated interest. Just the washer and dryer, please. I knew I wanted the pedestals, but not at $200 each. Not gonna happen.

I love the height now. It makes laundry fun. Okay, so not really, but I'm enjoying my thrifty high. As a bonus I get storage space galore. I have all the extra dryer sheets and stain sticks in one of the drawers and borax, baking soda and laundry samples/freebies in the other drawer.


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