Monday, February 8, 2010

Back BK (before kids- having them and working with them) I used to wear heels. High heels. My heels were my wheels. Over the years I've noticed my heel height has decreased as the wear and tear on my feet has increased. Now I wear sensible shoes.

Last year I was in a Pre-K class with a particularly rambunctious 4-year-old. Truth time? He was being an absolute shit. More truth? I don't even remember why. For whatever reason though I told him to sit out and he ran. I had been warned that this one was a runner.

In the past I've had occasion to bear hug a child who was so upset they were close to vomiting, stop the blood flow from a 5-year-old who whacked his head in the pretend kitchen and I even had to restrain a kid who thought hitting another student was the answer. The point is I can deal.

On this particular day though apparently all my lessons left me. I was irritated that the student-in-question was disrupting the whole class so when I told him to sit down and he ran and jumped on a table in the "home center" I made the grand mistake of going after him. It all went very fast after that, and I don't look good in this story, but I ended up with my face planted on the floor and my foot contorted in a position a foot is simply not meant to go.

I was able to get back up and my graceless fall was enough to get the kid to straighten up and fly right, but OUCH! To add insult to injury I was wearing flip flops, which we can do, but there is clearly a reason why we, as teachers, shouldn't.

This was taken a few days after my fall. My foot was purple and swollen and dang it, it hurt. I just sucked it up the whole day and then came home to tend to my wounds. I wouldn't even tell the others at school because I knew it was my fault. Isn't that refreshing to have someone say, hey, I screwed up and I've learned from it, by God!

I've learned that I will not chase a kid. If you're kid is a runner and in my class, sorry for your luck, but they're on their own. Be free, little birdie, be free. I've also learned that that fashion be damned, shoes with good foot support are crucial when you're a teacher.

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