Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Chain Gang

This week's Loopers! class brought us a heated contest of who could produce the longest chain. Tracyloopers put out a challenge to the kiddos last week that s/he (yeah, that's right, we have BOYS in our class 'cause only the REALLY cool kids can loop) who made the longest chain would win a prize.

Boy howdy did these kids take us to task on this one. Seriously I don't think some of them did anything besides a crochet that chain all week. It was awesome! The winner made a chain so long that I couldn't fit it all in the picture. It was close to 25 feet. She walled away with a super cool amugurumi frog (because we're always "frogging" (ripping out = rip it...ribbit) their stitches if they're not even. Good job!

The purpose of the endless chain isn't just to keep the kids busy, though that is a nice perk, the purpose is to give the kiddos practice so that their stitches are consistent and even. Some of the Loopers! students stitch tight which will make it difficult to when they connect chains. Too loose stitches will completely throw off the gauge.

The kids can't wait to learn to make amugurumi animals.

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