Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fairy Tale Colors

Today I substituted in Art. This is one of my favorite classes to teach. I don't have to be as structured as I am in the classroom and I enjoy watching kids make decisions outside of the multiple-choice-box that has been set for them with Teach To The Test systems required in most schools. I turn on the music and enjoy the creative free flow.

This job was especially cool since the new PC reader had been installed and I was able to show a short book-on-video to augment the lesson. As each class came in we had to ooh and ahh over the techno toy before we could get started. I gave them that because it's been raining for days and the kids have been indoors all week. I don't know who's feeling crazier the kids or the teachers. We are NOT used to the indoors in Texas. I felt that I needed to extend them quite a bit of grace in the wiggles department.

Today's lesson was on Camouflaged Animals, or animals who can blend into their surroundings (Polar Bears, frogs, certain insects). I always get the same questions: Can we used oil pastels? If we use crayons can we use the poster (dark) ones? There are always questions. As we started the draw-an-owl assignment one students asked me if they could use "fairy tale colors". Now ordinarily I would say yes. Imagination. Who told them a mouse can't be orange or a zebra can't have green stripes? Ah, but alas today's assignment was actually about the color of nature and not a "once upon a time" proposition. Next time, my sweet creative love!


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