Monday, February 1, 2010

Make Over Monday: Dining Room Bench

It's Make Over Monday over at the Tip Junkie's place so I wanted to post what I've been up to in my little corner of the blog world.

Here is the before picture of my hand me down bench. It had been in my mom's bedroom for a long time and she decided she was done with it. I loved the lines, but the color was an green-gold and sort of blah to me.

So since it's raining outside today and my car is in the shop I decided this was a great day to tackle the reupholstery project. The bench has been in the garage a long time. First I brought it into the house, dusted it off and unscrewed the metal frame from the seat cushion backer board. I saved the original black mesh cover, the screws and and the board so that I wouldn't have to redrill.

I fell in love with this fabric in the clearance bin at JoAnn's. It's bright and uses the colors that I love - red/orange, gold, turquoise and lime. Then I laid the fabric on the floor print side down and centered the cushion on the part of the print I wanted showing.

Next, starting from the sides I used a heavy-duty staple gun to tack down one long side of the material to the backer board. After one side of the fabric was secure then I could pull tightly to smooth the out any wrinkles and staple the other side. I went gonzo stapling the fabric so that everything would stay in place, but it helped that I kept the original fabric on the cushion. It was a flannel type fabric so it added padding and gave the heavy canvas that was now on there some grip.

To cover all those staples I replaced the black mesh fabric and stapled it to the fabric and backer board neatly. Finally I repositioned the metal frame back on to the board and used the original screws to put everything back together again.

And there you have it! I placed this bench in my dining room because when we have family dinners we never seem to have enough places to sit. It's one of the hazards of having a very large extended family. This bench will pull up nicely during a meal and then serve as a landing pad for back packs and purses at other times.


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