Sunday, February 14, 2010

Two Dollars A Glass? Ta Loca!

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day to all of your out there in bloggerland! I hope that you are celebrating in whatever way makes you happy and squishy inside.

Today my boys took me to have breakfast at one of our local favorites, Casa Maria's. We took some pan dulce (sweet bread) to go and I'll be munching on that a bit later. My boys love horchata so they had that along with their meal. When we got the bill from breakfast we were surprised that the horchata cost $2 a 12 oz. glass for something is pretty cheap to make. My husband and I grew up on this stuff for precisely that reason. Since one of our fears is losing our culture food-wise I decided that I was going to pull out some old recipes, and along with the the guidance of my MIL, was going to make horchata.

After breakfast we stopped off at the store to pick up some rice and other items from the bulk bins. I'm trying to decide if it's better to buy some items in bulk, as in from the bin, or bulk at in from a warehouse store. We seem to be right between the two sizes right now. More on that later though.

I'm telling you now this is not one of those instant drinks. One of the reasons this stuff cost so much at the eateries is because of the time factor. It's not complicated or even labor intensive it just takes time. Like making ice. Don't say I didn't warn you.
The first thing I did was add 5 cups of water to my blender.
The next step is to break up the rice in the blender. I've tried to skip this step, but you don't want to, trust me, the rice water is more water than rice without this process. Add 1 cup of long grain white rice to the 5 cups of water.

Now pulse the rice in the blender to break it up. I set my blender to "nuts", but your choice may be different. You want to break up the rice, but not pulverize it.
Then you let sit for 5 hours, but overnight is fine too...
[doo doo doo doo doo doo do...that's the Jeopardy theme, you hear it?]
Once you've blended and soaked it's time to strain. Pour the rice water through a strainer (not a colander) into the pitcher you are going to use. Then add 2/3 cup sugar (or more to taste or sweetener if you like that), 2 tablespoons of cinnamon and 1 cup of heavy cream (you can skinny it up by using skim milk or half & half, but I went with the real deal).
Now I like to use my Pampered Chef mixxy pitcher thing (mine is the old school one), but if you have something else that works just as well for you, then rock on, my good friend! Mix it all up and let the flavors meld together.

Tah Dah!

When you're ready to have some of this yumminess grab a glass, add ice, mix up the concoction and pour it over the ice.



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