Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Administrative Professionals Day Ideas

This year Administrative Professional's Day falls on Wednesday, April 21, 2010. I've made a few crafty gifts in the past and I thought I'd share them here if you're looking for an idea. This time I'm posting in advance so that people don't have to say, "oh that's nice for next year."

I'm learning.

When I'm not being a stay-at-home mom I substitute at my children's school. The front office staff is awesome. These are the people with their pulse on the student body. One of them handle's my social, um...substitute schedule and the other one makes sure I write a note when my kids are out so the absentee police don't come a callin' for me.

Last year I repurposed some Starbucks Frappachino bottles for candy and altered fun. The other day I found that Starbucks is now making these treats in "lite" with Splenda so I will be able to make many more of these little gems. Possibly to thank all the teachers that used me as a sub this year. When I make them y'all all will be the first to know.

The other gift that I've made in the past is a bouquet of flower pens. Pens are always walking off at the front desk. I remember in high school having to take a hall pass with a huge sign that said "restroom" on it if you needed to um, go. I thought there might me a more elegant way to get the same point across.

I bought a few big (the bigger the better in this case), bright silk flowers at the craft store. I snipped each one leaving about 4 inches of stem and removing all of the leaves. Then I took floral tape and secured the flower with stem to the pen in three places. Once the stem and pen were connected I started from the bottom and wrapped the floral tape up the pen covering the entire barrel of the pen. I ended tucking the tape into the small opening where the stem and the pen meet.

I was able to make about half a dozen of these pens while catching up on the DVR. Very quick, very easy and very much appreciated. People are much less likely to walk off with a ginormous flower in their hand and the office staff isn't having to constantly replenish their stash.

Now off to find something new and creative to give this year. I'll let you know...


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. To answer your question - I did the embroidery on the fabric first, then cut and sewed together. LOVE the flower pens. I have a bunch on my desk. My other pens mysteriously disappear but the men I work with leave the flowers alone!