Monday, March 1, 2010

Make Over Monday: Chalk Board Buckets

This is time when I get to share with you the recreations I've done over the weekend. I love having the family home to do my, er...share in the fun.

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week at our school. Yes, generally it's celebrated in May, but that is the end of the school year for us and it's crazy busy. A few years ago we decided we'd celebrate at a less chaotic time in a month that was slower than the holidays and the end of school.

This year I wanted to give the teachers something that would serve them even after the week of fanfare was over.

I had pictures of the creating process, but darned if I can find them now. I'll update later if I run across them though.

I found these buckets at my favorite treasure store. They were a shiny green that reminded me of an old time chalk board. That's when I thought, hey, these could be great chalk boards! I've see chalk board buckets at organizing stores for quite a bit of cash, but with some time and paint anything is possible (my personal mantra in life)!

I prefer the spray paint for this project. There is a brush-on variety available, but I like that for furniture or walls. I did sand the buckets with a super fine grit paper just to knock the shine off on the outside. Then I lightly sprayed each bucket and waited for dry time in between coats. I had at least 3 coats and four or more wouldn't be inappropriate. The trick is to spray thin and let dry. If you try to spray all at once the finish gets runny and drip spots show. There is a layered effect we are after.

Once everything was dry and I did all the touch-ups I worked on the ribbon trim. I went with 6 inches of hodge-podge ribbon from left over card making ventures and tied them on the handles using a simple square knot. I trimmed down any ribbon edges that stuck out and used seam glue on the ribbon ends that were frayed.

Finally I took chalk and wrote "Thank You" and their names on the chalk board and stuffed goodies (water bottle, granola bars, cookies) in the bucket. Now when Teacher Appreciation week is over they can change the bucket to "pencils" or "tickets" or "small children who misbehave". Just whatever works for their situation.


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