Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Mantle

I think I've gone gonzo over mantle decorating. I'm even planning on painting the mantle in order to provide a neutral backdrop for all the holidays. The mantle has been primed for years and now I'm incented to paint. I'm thinking Ralph Lauren River Rock.

I took a trifle bowl and filled it with plastic eggs. You'll also see my chalkboard star updated for Easter. That welcome sign used to hang outside my front door, but now has a new home on frame stand.
These used to be a part of a light display. The light bulbs have long since burned out and the cat chewed on the cord (don't worry it was unplugged) so I've kept the pretty ceramic train part of the display. It reminds me of my boys when they were younger. They both loved trains.

The candles were from my stint as a Gold Canyon Candle Demonstrator. Those are blackberry vanilla. They still smell fantastic and the purple color is oh-so-very Easter.

Once again I'm trying to shop out of my own supplies. I plan to work on a red, white and blue mantle for Memorial Day-Independence Day, but that will be a tough one. I'll have to dig deep into my bag of tricks since I own one patriotic wall hanging. If you have some inspiration for me then I'm listening.


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