Monday, May 24, 2010

Teacher Doesn't Tie Shoes

All teachers have their thing. Even substitute teachers have something they won't do. Or will do. Or do, but hate it.

For me it's tying shoes laces. Gross. Ick. I think about what all is on those shoes and I get the huzz. Seriously. Kids go in the bathroom where you can be certain a preschool or Kindergarten student was not especially fastidious with "making the bowl". In a school there is pee on the floor despite the valiant efforts of the custodial staff.

Then those same shoe laces are drug all over God's creation on the playground. You know the same place people use as a dog park for Fido? Don't even get me started on people who don't clean up after their pets.

So when Little Johnny comes to me with, "Teacher, can you tie my shoes?" I have no other choice but to tell him," 'fraid not, Little Johnny. See if a friend can help you out." You think I'm kidding?

I love kids. I'm in my element. We relate. I have dealt with vomit without complaint. I have tackled blood with nary a flinch. I get slobbered on daily. So if my one issue is with shoe laces then so be it.

And really here's the nail in the coffin, if your kid doesn't know how to tie his her own shoes DON'T send the to school with shoe laces. There are plenty of velcro/slip on options out there for kids and parents. No judgment on a kid's lack of shoe-tying acumen. I have two boys who haven't been bothered with the process for so long I doubt they'd remember how to tie their shoes if asked. But they have skills to manage the shoes they do have on their feet. And I would never expect their teacher from Pre-K to now to do the shoe tying for them. Their job is to teach my kids, not dress them.

So that's my little slice of life from the playground today. But stay tuned, when you work with kids there's always more.


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  1. I never thought about how skeevy shoelaces would be for teachers! It just made sense to me to use velcro shoes until my little one could tie on her own.
    And now I am skeeved by shoelaces too!