Friday, June 4, 2010

Ahhh, The Second Day of Summer

Today at lunch the server asked me if I'd like more tea. Sure, I replied. Just as she was about to pour she asked me, "is regular tea alright?" Oh, no I told her, I would need unsweetened. She looked at me oddly and assured me it was regular tea.

Hmm, you're not from Texas, are you?

It turns out she was not. In Texas sweet tea is regular tea. If you have to sweeten it with the "pink stuff" then we call it unsweetened.

This distinction falls along the same lines as "coke" (as in cola, not as in controlled substance). Many Texans ask if you want a coke and then ask what kind such as Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Diet Coke. "Coke" around these parts is synonymous with "soda". Or pop for you folks from the North.

Later we hit Costco to scoop up the coupon deals. Every one of these deals cost a little more than the last time. I have to say that I've given Costco a good two year run and I think I'm done. We have both a Costco and Sam's within 2 miles of us so I can afford to be choosy.

All things considered I like the products Sam's has better. Costco is very conscious and aware, but I'm a bit more of pedestrian shopper. I don't really need "organic" cheese puffs nor do I need to be socially aware about my non-dairy coffee creamer. I dig that Costco can help people who want to be that in tune, but if imma buying cheese puffs, we've long since crossed that hippie bridge.

Anyway I think I'll let my Costco card go this year. With Sam's I have a business card so I can shop right after I drop the kids at school and the timing is way more convenient for me than the geography.


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