Saturday, September 4, 2010

Clearance Wall Art Makeover

I found this star wall hanging on clearance at Micheal's It had a few scrapes, but nothing that a little paint couldn't cure. I wasn't that thrilled with the color, not that red isn't a great color, fabulous really, but it's way overdone in my house. I need to add something else to the mix.
This is a job for the front porch!
I gathered up my supplies, and headed out front. For this project I am finishing off a can of Valspar primer. I plan to use Kilz primer from now on, but I got this other can on clearance so I decided to try it. I suppose the fact that it was on clearance should have told me something. It's not bad, Kilz has just set the bar for primers. [Side note: If you look right in the middle of the image above you can see where I left in a layer of text. I thought I lost it. Dork, much?]

Here is the "before" shot of star.  I love the swirls and the shape!

I used two lawn bags to protect the brick tiles out front. We're actually hoping to make some improvements to this area since we've got a bit of a drainage issue, so I'm not all that concerned about keeping things pristine. Still you don't want to look like your front entrance is gangsta art studio so I try. I use lawn bags and then I can fill them with the refuse that's supposed to go into them. Two uses for the price of one.

I'm just very conscientious that way.

I primed the back of the star first. Since the piece is pretty transparent, the shape not the material, I knew I'd have to do both front and back. I don't on all my makeovers.  Shhh. Keep that one under your hat. Still I did the back first so if I had mistakes or drips they'd be less visible and I could give the front, read the part seen, a longer time to dry and set.

Turn that bad boy over after about 10 minutes of drying time. It should be dry to the touch. Not tacky.

Then you bring out the paint of your choice. I use spray paint. I know, I know...environment, but this works for me. If you'd like to even out my carbon emissions, you should use low VOC brush on paint. I promise I do my part in other areas.

Paint the back first and let it dry.

Turn it over and paint the front. This one I let sit for about an hour. That was because it was time for me to make the afternoon school pick-up run, but you can use your measurement of time.

Make sure you get all the little cracks and crevices if you have a intricate design. And really those are the most fun.

When it's completely dry, hang it on your wall and admire your work. You deserve it!

Remember though, no job is done until you clean up after yourself. That's what I tell my kids and my husband. We're working on it.


  1. I love your star-- you make me want to be crafty.

  2. I LOVE that color against the yellow. Great job! See if I tried this...I would have painted everything BUT the star. Including myself. And the husband. And the child.
    p.s. I love the picture of your chicken. Chickens are awesome.