Saturday, September 18, 2010

My First Blog Button

I'm very excited to have made my first blog button. I know I have a ton left to learn and do, but doggone it, I made one! Like everything, it's a evolution. I've been afraid to try. To sit down, read tutorials and learn so that I can ultimately teach. 

Because that, my friends, is what I love to do. To see the light bulb going on in someone's head when they GET it is the best feeling in the world. I have the heart of a teacher, but don't want the paperwork of one.  

Okay, now the story behind the image.

Embellish Craft Blog

One day I was lamenting to my husband about how I should probably return to a full time job now that the kids are getting older. True to his awesome self he asks me if that's what I want to do.  No, not really, I tell him, but it seems to be the acceptable thing to do. And whenever I see friends or family the question of when I'm going back to work is usually not too far behind how I'm doing. So, yeah, I feel a little pressure. After all, once you take time off from your budding career to bring up some human beings, your first inclination should be to return to the rat race you are so woefully out of shape to compete in, right?

I spent some time researching what I could do, wanted to do, there is a need for and I discovered something interesting. I want to do it all. 

I used to write press releases, copy for websites and news for publications. All wonderful tasks. Still straight news reporting can get a little dry and I enjoy having a conversation with the reader rather than give a lecture.  The other consideration is that news can be a bit family-unfriendly depending on the day.

I have spent some time in an elementary school classroom. The kids are fantastic. Really the perspective they give to the world is amazing. I laugh all day when I'm with the students. However I don't like the testing, the assessments, the grading, the discipline (or lack thereof), the politics and frankly, some of the parents. As much as I love to teach, I wasn't going to be a Teacher. I am, however, going to continue to give to my kid's teachers as much as I possibly can because I admire and respect what they do for the community in general and my babies in particular. Teachers do what I cannot. Love, love, love teachers!!

I've worked in accounting and have done the books for several small business. I've enjoyed flexing my number muscles, but all work and no play makes Lainey a dull girl. This blog has been a result of wanting to add some creativity to my life, but I haven't been sure how to parlay that into an income, no matter how small.

The Mister listened attentively and asked if I made a decision about which direction I was considering? No. He told me that it was okay, that I was just a butterfly and couldn't be tethered. Exactly. 

The Mister *so* gets me.

The rest of the story is pretty much what you'd expect. I like purple, my nickname is Lainey and who doesn't love a bit of floral adornment in their lives? But the butterfly? That's all me, baby. 



  1. I like the button! I SO understand about the whole going back to work thing. My youngest is 3... so I only have a few more years at home and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

  2. Your blog button is very creative and inviting. I just made my button last weekend. Mine is so simple and yet it took forever, but it's so me.

    I found you from Red's BF community.

  3. I just made a blog button too but I needed some help. I'm going to work on another one soon. Thanks for checking out my Salsa Chicken and Rice over at A Little Bit of Everything!