Monday, January 24, 2011

Chalkboard Tags

You never know when you'll need to label something in a box. Since I had some cardboard and just a bit of spray chalkboard paint I decided to get all creative Practical Girl style. I had seen some chalkboard tags in Pottery Barn Kids catalog and loved them, but I'm frugal. And if you've already got the supplies on hand you've got to give it the old college try.  
The first thing I did was cut down the chipboard/cardboard to rectangles. You can trace and cut, but I'm lazy so I used a Fiskars paper cutter on the backing of a Paper Stack
I repeated the process 12 more times, but I'm only showing you six. You get the idea though. Pull out the paint protector which in my case was a couple of lawn bags laid out next to each other. Sometimes I forget to use anything to cover the ground and it ticks The Mister right off. So I'd recommend you do as I say not as do. 
The trick here is to spray lightly and go over several times. This is really a project where layering and patience will produce the cleanest results. Spray off the cardboard, meaning start pushing the spray nozzle before you go over the cardboard and stop the spray once you've passed the edge of the cardboard. That's really a good tip for any spray paint job. I've found this out the hard way through drip trials and blob errors. 
Then you can label with your favorite chalk or in our case the boxes and boxes of sidewalk chalk the boys have collected over the years. The stinkers don't use them anymore so I'm making the most of the leftovers.
I love the way they came out. I cut my tags 4"x6" and that provides enough room to write. I think if I were going to do this again and I will eventually, it would be fun to make themed shapes. Baby, school, music, art, you know the list is endless. 
Now go get organized and make yourself some cute tags to fun up the process. Let me know if you try a variation of this project. I'd love to see the results!

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