Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Sunny Saturday Afternoon

It's been so pretty here this weekend. I know, those of you up North would like to bean right now. That's okay, come summer the shoe will be on the other foot. 
This 3-wheeled scooter was procured a few years and both boys were too small to manage the coordination it takes to ride the Trikke. Now that they're preteen boys they have energy to spare. They were fighting as only brothers can when I loaded the younger boy into the van to go scoot out his boredom. 
He did such a great job maneuvering the do-dad. I got on and, dang a ding dong, that take a lot of coordination. Walk and chew gum at the same time much? Uh, no. 
He's just coasting here, but that is the best part of this ride. I guess it's time to give away those "little guy" scooters that are sitting in my garage. I hope the boys get adept enough at using these Trikkes because they're a lot fun!

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