Friday, February 18, 2011

Five Question Friday 02/18/2011

It's Friday that means it's time for Five Question Friday. Let Mama M. know if you play. 

1. Have you worn the same outfit more than one day in a row?

Sometimes, but not really. We have so many allergens in our area that one of the recommendations is to wash clothes after each wearing. It's not a practice that is a friend to the environment, but it does make a difference to those of us with allergies.

2. If you had to choose any LARGE city to live in, which would it be?

I'm not really one of those people that longs for a big city. I'm just fine in my medium-sized town and I would be okay if it were even smaller. The 3 of the top 10 largest cities are located in my great state of Texas so if I wanted to be Big City I could.

If I had to chose though I think I would go whole hog and say New York City. It's the largest city in the US and I have no desire to live abroad. NYC seems to me to be an adventurous enough place.

3. Fly or drive with the kids on vacation?

We have a max 4 hour drive rule. Anything over 4 hours we fly. It's the 4 of us so it can get expensive, but what price on sanity? We are considering a longer trip by car this summer, but we'll rent a vehicle for the trip and try make the stops part of the trip.
Our trip to North Carolina in September 2009.
4. What is your idea of "spring cleaning"?

Hiring someone to come in and do their idea of Spring Cleaning. I can maintain a house for awhile, but eventually it gets out of my hands and I have to call a professional. I'm a firm believer that any job is easy if you have the right tools and skills. Anything with the words "house" and  "cleaning" in it is not an area I have the know-how. Unless it's cleaning up your books/records, then I can handle it.

5. What is the best book you have ever read?

It's actually a book of novellas. "Different Seasons" by Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman. I first read it in 1984 before the three movies came out of that book. The book I own, and still own though it's threadbare now, had a bright blue cover. I recently bought it for my eReader since it's one of those books I'll read forever.

The first movie, Stand by Me was based on "Fall From Innocence: The Body". I was the same age as the boys in the story when I read the book so it made a huge impression on me.  The other big movie, and perhaps the best known, is the Shawshank Rendemption, from the novella "Hope Springs Eternal: Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Rendemption". That movie stayed pretty close to the book and I suspect that's why the movie has done so well. I thought "Fall from Innocence: Apt Pupil" was one of the better novellas, but the movie, Apt Pupil, went far off from the story and tanked. It was really one of the worst movies ever that started with so much to work with.

That's all for this week! I hope I've brought something to you today. Even if it was a chance to laugh or take you away for two minutes. Enjoy!

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