Friday, February 4, 2011

Herbs Are Not My Thing

Ya think? What you see here is what is left of my oregano (??) plant. I might have done something wrong. 
I want to have a green thumb. Really I do. Planting and gardening is just not something I get the hang of despite attempts too numerous to count. I've a had container gardens, square foot gardens, throw-it-out-on-the-lawn-and-see-what-happens gardens and none of them have been worth the time or the effort. 

Well, it's really more of a personal cost-benefit analysis issue for me. I hate to be outdoors. I'm not a woodsy gal. I don't like bugs (mulch, compost and worms, oh my) or the feel of dirt on my hands. Gardening as a hobby is not a match for me. 

I'm okay with it. 

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  1. Herbs are about the only thing I can get to grow... but I'm with you on the garden thing... I have a friend who always wants me to start a veggie garden... and most of my attempts have been pretty sad.