Tuesday, February 22, 2011

News From the Farm

I'm always asked about my pets. I don't know what makes my pets more interesting than any others, but okay I'll dish.

First my beautiful baby, Pikachu is gone. The last we saw him was February 11 and he hasn't been seen since. He is microchipped.  We asked neighbors and left flyers on doors, but he's simply vanished. Not even a little kitty corpse to let us know if he met an untimely demise. I wish I could say what happened to him. The not knowing is terrible. I wonder how long until I stop checking the door to see if he's come home?
Bye bye, Pikachu.
Of course the chicken is still here. Why the heck would she leave when she's got it so good? The other day the boys were jumping on the trampoline and Antonia decided she wanted to play too. She's very sneaky, that girl. She inches up and insinuates herself until she's all up in your grill. 
Hello, human.
 And then she's got your full attention. She demands to be entertained. J is crying "uncle" and would like the chicken to just move on and do chicken things. Good luck with that, dude.
Chicken Antonia FTW!
Then of course we have the cat, Lucky, who wants to hang in the chicken coop. Really? My animals are so mixed up! 
What? I'm not a chicken?
Unfortunately, Lucky's name belies him. This cat has the worst luck! Back in January he was shot in the back right leg with a pellet gun. It took surgery to remove the pellet and a round of antibiotics to ensure infection didn't set in. He recovered nicely even though he surely used up one or more of his nine lives.

Flash forward one month and son of gun is back at the vet with his left front paw a hot mess. Turns out all the little gifties, 2 field mice and one squirrel, he's been bringing me to make me feel better about missing Pikachu decided to fight back. Frellin' cat had an abscessed wound. So Dr. Corky patched him up. Again. And then we agreed that Lucky will once again be an indoor cat. I can't afford for him to sow his outside wild oats anymore.

The frog (or it's descendant) is still living under the rock on the front porch. I'm thinking after 30 years it's not the same frog, but it's clearly a family member so I don't complain.

We still have the dogs, but it's purely for the chicken's entertainment. Have I mentioned I'm not much of a dog person?

Free range everything
It's ridiculous on my homestead. I have a backyard farm. I swear the other day my son and I heard a cow mooing. Frightening. 

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