Thursday, February 17, 2011

Third Thursday Thrift Store Scores 02/17/2011

Hi, it's me again. I'm back to fill you in on all this month's thrifting. Some of my girlfriends and I have been thrifting en masse at this new place. Did you know Goodwill has a clearance center? Well they do here in Austin. It's awesome! You go in, grab a cart, put on your latex or similar gloves (believe me you don't want to skip this step) and shop for $1.39 a pound. That's right, you pay by the weight. A treasure trove of goodies await you if you can get past the fear of the scary GW workers (they yell) and unwashed clothing (underpants). 

Don't these sweaters look yummy? I have big plans for them, but not in their original state. Though to be clear this is the washed original state. I bag up my finds, throw them in the back of my van, then the bag goes directly to the laundry. I loving wash all the sweaters. Twice. 
I love this glass. I've not seen one of these with a handle on it. Usually they're in margarita glass or wine glass format. Beautiful.
Storage containers are so expensive new. I saw one like this at an office store for $30. At a thrift store this baby was mine for $7. I plan to use it for fabric organization. I like that I can see through the drawers so I don't have dig through everything to find one thing. 
Below you'll find a little sample of the amazing finds at this store. I mean who doesn't need a tiny blue toilet with a smiling poo that pops us when you lift the lid? And, of course, you'll see my gloved hand in the background.  
Until next time. Let me know if you've found some lovely items second hand. I know that it will be hard to beat my itty-bitty toilet, but you can try. 

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  1. I once shopped like this in Larado Texas... it was cool buying cloths by the pound. I found some cool things... but mostly things made out of fabrics that I could recycle. Where is the one in Austin?