Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Do You Do All Day Wednesday

I swear this is the craziest question I get asked about being a work at home mom. Both of my kids are in school during the day so I do have a respite from 8:30 a.m. until about 2:30 p.m. If you can call it a respite. 
So one day I decided to keep track. And now you have the answer to that elusive question,  "What Do You Do All Day?"

  • Forgot to put on coffee before bed. 
  • Got up. 
  • Got dressed. 
  • Made coffee.
  • Got ready for carpool. Carpool kids are sick today. We're on our own. 
  • Got the kids to get their school poop together. 
  • Got The Mister out the door. 
  • Dropped off the young 'un at his school. 
  • Dropped off the 12-year-old at his school. 
  • Went to the post office to mail games sold on
  • Went to the grocery store. 
  • Matched sales to coupons for "stockpile" and picked up "staples".
  • Unloaded the groceries. 
  • Browned ground beef that was on Reduced For Quick Sale. Froze it cooked for tacos, spaghetti or stroganoff later.  
  • Prepared other ground beef for meatballs for my Mom's potluck lunch. We call the gathering our "Nooner". 
  • Made pizza sauce in the crockpot. 
  • Made two medical appointments. 
  • Made a mamogram appointment. Go me.
  • Fed The Mister lunch.
  • Went through benefits open enrollment package. Due in few days. Nice.
  • Bookkeeping. The kind that makes me money. 
  • Picked up 6th grader from school early. 
  • Went to the bank to deposit a rebate check. Go me.  
  • Picked up 4th grader from school early for dentist appointment. It's next week. That figures.  
  • Took 6th grader to the dentist. All good. Go him.
  • After school snacks. They'll make, but want an idea. *sigh*
  • Gently reminded the boys to do homework. 
  • Drove Boy 2 to karate. Waited. 
  • Ate dinner out because none of the food from the grocery store was actually in meal form. 
  • Yelled at kids to do homework. 
  • Loaded the dishwasher. 
  • Laundry.  
  • Kids in bed. 
  • Put clothes away and noticed clothes that don't fit. Started another give away bag.
  • Put the chicken in her coop.
  • Logged on again because I forgot to pay a bill. 
  • Paid the bill.
  • The Mister is home late. Fed him (warmed over) dinner. 
  • I'm done.
  • Jammied.
  • Mindless T.V.
  • Lights out.
So now you tell me, "What Do You Do All Day?". Pick a day and keep track of it. Then on Wednesday blog about it. I may do a linky thing if I can figure it out or you can stop by and let me know that you've played. Just have fun with it. Who knows, it might be very eye opening. 


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