Thursday, March 3, 2011

Embroidered Burpie Cloths

I love my great nephew, my niece's son. He brings out the memories of when my own boys were babies. It's awesome to be able to love on a baby and then hand him back when he gets fussy or has a poopie diaper. MY (yes, I know I'm not his mom, but I claim him anyway) baby is also the recipient of my handmade goodies. Here is the latest giftie I made for him.
It's a burpie cloth with an homage to our beloved Texas Longhorns. I found these cloths on sale and I thought they would be fun to personalize. I used a custom design adding "Troy Boy" (what we call MY baby) to the longhorn design. 

I don't know if I dig this block font, but it might work better on another project. The "T" and the "r" blend too closely for my liking. I also am not sure about the bobbin fill coming up through the top stitching. I'm not sure if that's the top, the bobbin fill or something else entirely. The tension is set to "Embroidery", but it looks like it might need to be a tiny bit tighter. 

But it's good enough to wipe slobber off his chin. 

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