Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mad Science

What happens when Daddy gets his hands on a block of dry ice? Science experiment, of course.

The boys (and I do mean all 3 of them) trolled the internet to find a suitable (read, diabolical) process. Hypotheses were made and lab equipment gathered. And by lab equipment I mean my giant stainless steel bowl that I make cookie dough in and my kitchen tongs.

In the end their hypothesis did turn out to be correct. The dry ice and water did not explode, but it surely did get steamy. I wanted to know where the wicked witch was that went with that cauldron? 

My ever-safe teenager is concerned that they're not following proper lab procedure. I don't think he envisioned the trampoline as the site of scientific discovery. 

The experiment that the boys did is the "fog effect". I wish they had a laser light to create a rock show atmosphere. I guess it was enough that we had 80's music playing in the background. 

Look at her bubble!
You'll note that eventually I made them move to solid ground. I just felt safer with them on tierra firma or at least brick pavers. 

J looking concerned.
Thanks for stopping by to play.


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