Saturday, August 4, 2012

First Week Back to School in the Books


That's me breathing a sigh of relief that our first week of school is done. We homeschool so "back to school" is when we make it.  I decided that since, in Texas where we live, it's hotter than Hades we might as well school while it's hot and play when the weather is nicer.

In anticipation of starting back to our school routine, we've relocated our classroom. We were at our individual computers because we were using an online program, but the boys are not quite ready for self-enforcement. That's okay, it's a tough one to learn, but in the mean time I needed to put them where I could work and monitor their lessons. The answer was the formal dining room. 
If you know us even a little bit, you know that we are not the formal dining room type. So we moved things around, added some light, set up a work system and tah-dah...a classroom! The boys weren't nearly as excited as I was, but the space is functional and, as their dad reminds them, there's always public school. That always seems to give them a slice of perspective.
The work boxes where the boys pick up their assignments for the day.
We are more of a School at Home homeschooling family. I think some people might call it "eclectic" too because I do use curriculum for math and language arts (grammar, handwriting, writing and vocabulary), but we do unit studies for science, social studies, geography and History. I send my kids to classes and workshops for elective classes. 

I have to admit that I'm totally geeked out about this white board. I found it at the local used business supply store. It's not really white, but more gray/beige. It's not so um, striking as a normal dry-erase board. And I can stick things to it with cute magnets. Love it! Squee.

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