Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Life Gets in the Way

::taps microphone::

Testing 1..2..3...testing...1..2..3...

Is anyone still there? I would be surprised if y'all were around anymore. I've been mostly gone for a year. I would have given up on me too. But if you are still around I wanted to say good to see you! So where have I been, you ask? A few things kept me busy:

Working - Self-employment, but still working for clients. I started bookkeeping again last April. It's been awhile since I've been in the accounting biz and the recall curve was mighty. For me at least. Also the work-life balance (or rather the lack of) threw me off completely. I had to adjust how I lived based on reports that were due, forms that must be filed by a certain date and exactly how long it took to get these things accomplished.

Homeschooling - At the end of 2011 I brought my boys home to school. I work from home so they can surely school from home. There were a lot of reason and some of them are on another blog, but I will continue to reflect on this subject. I started blogging the adventures on another site, but I've decided I'm not one of these people that can maintain multiple, dedicated blogs. I'll do my best to label so feel free to sort based on your interests. I'll probably refer back to some of the items on the homeschooling blog, but going forward all fun and games can be found right here at A Disco Ball in a Chicken Coop.

Projects - Yes, in spite of everything going on I still found time to craft, sew and repurpose all kinds of things. I thrifted and spray painted and altered regularly, I even took pictures of many projects, but I just didn't find time to blog it all. Now that we're back together again I hope to share with y'all some of the crafty goodness.
Meet JayZ
So I leave you today with an introduction to my office/studio mate, Jay Z. The Blogress has Beyonce so it seemed fitting that my mascot (given to me by a bookkeeping client) would be keeping with the theme of mega-mogul, singing fowl. Don't you agree?


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