Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Menu Madness

I love it when I get up early and tackle the day. This morning I spent prepping food for the freezer and the weekly meals. One of my favorite finds is when stores reduce their meat for quick sale. It's a timing thing, but I've gotten some deals buying meat RFQS. 

This week boneless, skinless chicken breasts were RFQS down to $.98 a pound. I had a Dr. Pepper sauce that was also on clearance with coupon. Put the two together  marinate in the fridge for an hour and then transfer to the freezer. With the other breasts I sprinkled lemon pepper and added oil and vinegar to the back. It marinated and moved to the freezer with it's Dr. Pepper buddy. Later I'll cook the DP chicken in the slow cooker and pour over rice. I'll probably grill the lemon pepper chicken and serve it with pasta or quinoa. 

The other think I do at least once a week is make beans. I use pinto beans in a pressure cooker. I'd like to get an electric pressure cooker, but what I have is the stove top version. Some people are afraid of using a stove top pressure cooker, but this is what I learned on, this is what I've always used so no fear! The only reason I want the electric version is that it gets hotter than Hades in Texas during the summer and not having to turn on the gas stove to make something I make all the time would be super. 

Once I'm done with the beans I use them for a main dish (ground beef, beans & cornbread), a side dish (enchiladas with rice & beans) and then I blend what's left for a meatless meal (tostadas or loaded nachos). Beans go a long way and they're relatively inexpensive. Sometimes I mix it up and do black beans, but for the most part pinto beans are part of our weekly repertoire. 

I didn't take a picture, but I did make a master mix for quick breads and biscuits. I made it with flour I got on clearance because the packaging changed. I don't care what the package looks like because I decant most of my bulk into large food storage containers. I love a bargain!

Thanks for joining me in my productivity!


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