Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Sweet Geek Organizes

One of my favorite, well other favorite, hobbies is to decorate cookies. It's art on a cookie; how can that be a bad thing?

I haven't done a lot of decorating lately because it's hotter than Hades down here in Texas. Baking, or simply turning on an oven, is reserved for the months of October through April. If one must cook in during the hot months, one must use a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, a toaster oven or a standard oven at 3:00 a.m. I choose the first 3 options since the rest of the family is asleep and the sound of my mixer in the early morning hours might disrupt their REM.

What I can do during the summer is organize. And collect supplies. And take classes. And pin cookie ideas on Pinterest. Tons of fun to be had and not feel like you're a cookie in a 350 degree oven.

Today Z and I organized icing tips. We have two of those plastic boxes used for embroidery floss or beads that were collecting dust. We washed the boxes and then separated the tips by number. Since we don't have that many tips, or rather we use the same type pretty regularly, we organized in groups of 10. All the tips in the 40's went in one cubbie, the 50's in another and so on. 

We have the giant Wilton poster, but I think we'll put a picture of each of the designs the tip makes in the cubbie. I haven't quite figured out how we will accomplish this idea, but if we live with this for awhile I think the answer will come to me.

Thanks for playing.


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