Thursday, August 23, 2012

We Shall Call it Computer Science Day

Ah, the joys of opportunity. 

The MicroSoft store near our home was offering a workshop on their movie making software. For free. We like free. So since fun is more so with others we met up with other homeschooling friends to learn about editing video.

The plan was to drop the kids and then grab a coffee at the Starbucks across the street. Once the workshop started the grown-ups couldn't pull away. The basics of the editing a video covered the workshop leader went on to show us some really cool features of Windows 7. I can't wait to see what Windows 8 is going to bring. Hopefully they just add and not change the features since I've been impressed with the ease of use in Windows 7.

The other fun part of the day? The MS Store was promoting their new phone and offered to race me on my Android and my friend's iPhone to find information. Of course we both lost, not because our phones were lousy, but because we didn't have any idea how to use our phones to achieve the result. No matter. The MS store gave us each a $25 gift card just for being good sports. 

After we left the workshop we dropped by Sur la Table. Super cool gadgets, but a little pricey. 

Right outside the store we saw metal animals as art. I decided to get my peacock on and my friend, Tracy, snapped a picture of me in my feathered finest. I keep meaning to update my facebook page with this photo, but I forget. 

Thanks for visiting our little spot on the web!


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