Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Even A Frog Wants to Feel Pretty

I love thrift stores. If this is news to you it shouldn't be to my husband of twenty years. Lately he's been telling me, nay warning me when I head out to the Treasure Stores that I am not to bring home any more chairs or tables. I'll admit I have brought home more than my fair share of chairs lately. I have a plan for each of them. Sort of. I know I want to paint and reupholster the chairs with fun fabric, but I'm a busy, busy girl and sometimes projects get pushed to the wayside.

Or the garage in this case.

Which is why I was told NOT to bring home another project to sit in the garage that I'm supposed to be cleaning out because we're having some major work done to the house after the first of the year. 

But I digress.

So I hit my very-favorite-thrift-store and saw a gorgeous rocking chair that would look great on my front porch once it had been painted. Still heeding my honey's parting words (and the fact the chair had a crack in one of the arms) I passed on the $14 deal. When I was walking away my eyes settled on this work of art.

Really there's no other way to describe him but to say he's lovely. Admittedly that's not what my husband said when he finally met Croqui, but no matter. Croqui and I had plans. 

A bit of cleaning and coat of primer then it was Go Time. The boys and I debated what color makeover our little frog friend should enjoy. I thought a watermelon pink would be fun, but neither boy was digging that color. Green it is, but they did agree that it would be a BRIGHT green. Not neon, bright.  

Tah-dah! Croqui is loving his new look! Hubby still wants to know why the hell we need a giant green wicker frog in our entry hallway.

For shoes of course. Duh. When we come in the front door we kick out shoes into Croqui's mouth and either sing the "Croqui" song from Dora the Explorer or call out "Frrrrooooooggggggyyyyy" from the Froggy books. 

And I will remind my husband that I brought home neither a table no a chair just as he requested. 

This time.


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