Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thrift Store Score: Pressure Cooker

I have a stove-top pressure cooker, but I've been coveting an electrical version for at least a year. Sure I could let my impulse take over and just go buy one, but there's no sport in that purchase.

After I go see one of my clients each week I stop off at a thrift store in that area. It's one of my favorite haunts and the best deals I've found over the years have been at this particular store. 

And the tradition continues...

I was prepared to eventually throw down somewhere in the neighborhood of $100, but I've found a much better 'hood. The price you ask?

Yep, that's $12.51. For a brand new not-in-the-box Cook's Essentials pressure cooker (model number CEPC600S iffn you were interested) with the accessories (but minus the manual). I was able to download the manual online and took my new toy out for a culinary spin.
After 16 minutes in a water pressure bath this potato came out fork tender. I can't wait to try some Reduced For Quick Sale meat!

Thanks for letting me share.


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