Friday, August 30, 2013

Our First Week Back at School

Well, second week really. We did a false start last week, but I know we'll get the kinks out by the end of the year. 

I said that we did "School Lite" over the summer, but really that meant "School So Lite We Hardly Did Diddly". Yeah, I'll own it. So now we're going through the amount-of-work learning curve. They think I'm piling it on and I say they've just had it too easy. Still I think next year I'm going to take the month of June and July OFF. I spent much of those months feeling guilty that I was doing something or not doing something or doing something, but doing it wrong. Really who needs that aggravation? I'll just let them spend 6-8 weeks rotting their brains on video games and Sponge Bob reruns via Skype with all their other public school friends who are out for the summer. 

Anyway this school year the schedule is shaking out like this so far:

Squishy (14 years, 9th grade)
Monday - Algebra (Math U See) & Biology I (Apologia at One Day Academy)
Tuesday - Algebra & US History (Time4Learning)
Wednesday - Field Trips, Co-ops, Projects and Teen Book Club 1x a month
Thursday - Algebra, Music (drums) & English I (Time4Learning)
Friday - Health (Time4Learning), 4-H meeting and catch-up on work not completed
Saturday - Working part time for mom (filing, shredding, general minion duties) for pay and experience

Cubby (12 years, 7th grade)
Monday - Math (Math U See Zeta) & History (The Story of the World)
Tuesday - Math & Language Arts (Winston Grammar, Wordly Wise 3000)
Wednesday - Field Trips, Co-ops, Projects and Teen Book Club 1x a month
Thursday - Math, Music (Guitar) & catch-up on work not completed
Friday - Math, Science (Apologia Physical Science at ODA) and 4-H 1x a month  

They have P.E. nearly every day either by hiking, weight lifting or swimming. 

Of course all the life skills are an all day, every day occurrence. Today for example, Cubby made "pizza sliders". He said that if little burgers are called sliders then so should little pizzas be called. He took canned biscuits, split them in half length-wise and topped them with sauce, cheese and pepperoni goodness. Tossed them in the oven at 350* for 12 minutes and we have lunch. It does a mama's heart good knowing that her sons won't have to get married to eat right. Just joking. Kinda.

Pizza Sliders by Cubby
I have to really work at not over extending our schedule. There are so many opportunities to go on field trips, join clubs or be a part of co-ops in homeschooling that we can easily spend our life running around. If we start at 10 a.m. then most days we are done by noon. Possibly 1 p.m.. I'm tempted to fill up that time because they'd be doing something if they were in a bricks & mortar school, but most of that time was just classroom management stuff. 

Anyway I'll do better about keep y'all up to day. Thanks for stopping to check in with us.

The Grand Momsta Lainey P.


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